Best Career Tips to Land Your Dream Job in UAE, Mena

Best Career Tips to Land Your Dream Job in UAE

UAE has become famous for its infrastructure tall buildings, Theme Parks, Expensive cars, Big Shopping malls and many others worth seeing things. The government of Dubai is also building these entire massive infrastructures because Dubai is going to host expo 2021, and this has led to an increase in the number of jobs in the UAE and Mena Region. The rise in construction work and massive investment in UAE has increased the demand for workforce. People from all over the world are moving for career opportunities towards Dubai.

Despite the high demand for professionals and Labours, they complain that they are not getting a job in the UAE. Employers are always looking for those candidates who are presentable, have enough command in work, excellent communication skills and they can enhance profitability & productivity of the business. If Candidates don’t have such skills, then they have less chance to get jobs in UAE

Following five career tips can enhance your chances to land on the right jobs in Dubai. Almost every good website for jobs in Dubai suggests doing follow these tips to grab a good job.

  • Prior Research:

Jobs seekers are used to sending their resume/cv without doing previous research on company and industry. Previous research on company and industry can give you better insight and some new points that the employer is looking for. Candidate can highlight those points in his cover letter or CV to impress an employer. Prior research on company and industry can also give information regarding jobs in that market. Prior research also provides information about salary, growth in the industry, Government policies etc. This information will help a lot to candidates for their job hunt.

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  • Smart CV:

Most prominent mistake candidates do during job hunting is sending poorly designed cv. Cv is the only source that can give Land you at the interview table. CV is your sales letter or marketing brochure. If your cv can impress any person in 6-8 seconds, then your cv is good. Recruiters are getting thousands of cv daily, so make your cv in such a way that Recruiter wants to see. Update your cv according to the job description. Your cv should not be too lengthy. Remember a smart, clear, concise cv can increase the chances of a job in UAE.

  • Social Presence:

Best Career Tips to Land Your Dream Job in UAE, Mena
Best Career Tips to Land Your Dream Job in UAE, Mena

Social Media is beneficial in job hunting. Social Media platforms which help the candidates are Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. Candidate should build a robust online presence as a professional on these platforms. Jobs seekers should join Professional group in their field on LinkedIn and Facebook. Regularly post something new in groups to help others and show your command in your education. Use Facebook and LinkedIn search bar to find jobs in your field. Plenty of low competition jobs can be found by using this technique. Complete your Social Media profile as a professional and always show your contact detail so that potential Recruiter can contact you. Many opportunities will come to you automatically by using these techniques. Another thing that will help in your job hunting is to start blogging in your field and share on your social media groups. It’s a long-term process of job hunting, but it will help you a lot in future.

  • Networking:

Networking is the fastest way that can land you on the interview table. Candidates, who have strong networking, usually have better job opportunities. Top tip for making the excellent connection is Meet the people with good gesture and discuss the positive things with people in your surroundings. Regularly follow up and meet those people. During job hunting in Dubai, UAE references help the candidate a lot more. Always build, grow and maintain references with good people around you. Try to make a strong connection with the decision-makers in the company.

  • Follow Up:

Candidates who send their cv to any job mostly forget to follow up. The regular trend is sending cv on jobs in a newspaper or online website and keep waiting. The best way to apply on a job is to always phone the HR person after sending cv to tell them that you have sent cv and ask whether they have received it or not. Then after 2-3 weeks send a reminder email to ask about your cv if HR person doesn’t respond you then call after some days. Many candidates get their job by using follow-up techniques. This can help you to find a job in UAE.

Top Tip 

In the United Arab Emirates, Don’t Think About Quitting Your Job because a wrong selection of employer can bound you to work for him at least six months and before six months quitting the job can impose Ban on doing further Job in Dubai

Above five career tips are those tips that candidates should be aware of.  These job hunting tips can increase the chances of job acquisition in UAE. Dubai is full of opportunities and jobs seekers can grab those opportunities by working smartly.

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