What is good average salary and income in Dubai per Month?

Dubai is famous for many reasons, top of them are mega infrastructure, tourism, and the biggest UAE job market. People from all over the world especially from Asian and African countries come to Dubai for a better job. The reason behind one of the biggest UAE job market is a professional work environment and higher salary structure.

What is a good average salary in Dubai per Month in 2020

The minimum average salary in Dubai, UAE is 4500 AED (1200 USD). This average salary depends upon many factors including nationality, job industry, job roles, and skills. The minimum average salary is different in different industries and different roles.

good average salary and income in Dubai per Month
good average salary and income in Dubai per Month

People who were new or want to come to Dubai want to know about the average salary in Dubai. Many people around the world also want to move to Dubai, UAE with family for a better future. Trendy Career helps the jobs seekers to the land of dream jobs. Question about the Minimum average salary in Dubai for a family is also asked.

Recent surveys show that Dubai has a good pay scale for labour and white-collar jobs.
The average salary in Dubai depends upon the job categories. Different job category has different average salaries.

The minimum wage in Dubai:

Dubai has minimum wage rules. The minimum wage in Dubai should not be less than 2500 AED (680 USD) per month.

Average Salary in Dubai

Following are the average salary/ income in Dubai

Average Salary AED USD
Single person 4500 1215
Couple/Family 10000 2700
Middle East (UAE & Saudis) 12000 3240
Americans 10000 2700
European 9000 2430
Asian 5000 1350
African 4000 1080
Job type
Blue collar 2500 675
White collar 4500 1215
Gold collar/ Red collar 9000 2430
Temporary 6000 1620
Permanent 5000 1350
Job categories
IT 10000 2700
Construction 7000 1890
Accounting 7000 1890
Tourism 5000 1350
Automotive 7000 1890

Factors affecting the average salary in Dubai:



American is always in demand for jobs in Dubai . Average salaries of American is always higher than any other nationalities. The reason behind this is Americans are more professional, dedicated, organized and having pro tech knowledge.


The European job market in Dubai is also booming. Diverse background, professionalism, and way of living give European people edge in the Dubai job market.


Asian people are getting low salaries due to developing or underdeveloped countries. Lack of professionalism. The trend of hiring developed countries is booming.
However Asian people are also getting a huge salary in executive roles. Indian executives and professionals are always welcome to Dubai.


African countries are underdeveloped countries that’s why they are offered the lowest average salary in the United Arab Emirates.

Middle East

National of Middle East people like Emirati and Saudis are the king of the job market. The government supports their own people and has set a minimum wage scale for Emiratis and Saudis. The government also has set a minimum quota for hiring Emiratis and Saudis.

Job type

Average or median salary in Dubai also depends upon job type.

Blue collar

Blue collar jobs include those people who perform manual work. These jobs include sanitation, Mining, Manufacturing, etc. Work. Salaries in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are high as compared to other countries. However, the average salary of these jobs compared with other white collar jobs in the UAE is low.

White collar

White collar jobs are those jobs that include professional or office work. The majority of brains come from other countries do these types of jobs at the start. Salaries of white collar jobs in Dubai are higher as compared to other countries.

Gold collar/ Red collar:

Gold or red collar jobs are those jobs which include the highest skilled profession includes chartered accountant, surgeons, etc. Median salaries or average income of these staff are highest in the United Arab Emirates. Gold collar or red collar staff salaries in UAE are counted in the top highest paying countries.


The type of job contract also defines the average income of employees in Dubai.


Temporary jobs whose period in Dubai is for 1-2 years has a relatively higher salary in Dubai. The probability of losing jobs after 2 years increases the current salary of temporary employees.


Permanent jobs have less salary as compared to temporary jobs because it gives the perk of the long-term job.

Job categories

Expo 2020, huge tourist inflow and mega infrastructure booms many industries in UAE which helps to grow the average job salaries of many industries.
IT, construction, Accounting, tourism, and the automotive industry have the highest average salaries in UAE.

Other factors

there are some other factors that affect UAE average salary are follows


Employees or jobs seekers who know the Arabic language is given more edge over other candidates and in average income as well.

Driving license:

A most demanded things which gives the jobs seekers to raise their salary a little extra is driving license. Cheap cars and rush on public transport are the reason behind this. Important information. Jobs seekers who have a driving license are the candidates who have a higher average salary in Dubai.

If you know Arabic language, own visa and have a driving license then you can get a good average salary in UAE.

Average Salary by Profession:

Following are the Average or median Salary By profession in Dubai.

Profession AED USD
Accountant 6000 1620
Auditor 7000 1890
Doctor 10000 2700
Marketing executive 8000 2160
Teacher 7000 1890

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