How to apply job in Canada from Dubai – UAE

Canada is famous for its education and jobs in Europe. Many people from Dubai wants to do the job in Canada. If you are reading this article then you want to do and apply for the job in Canada while sitting in Dubai, UAE.
Jobs in Canada from the UAE is not so easy but you can find jobs in Canada from Dubai.

How to get a job in Canada from Dubai is answered in this article.
Today I will discuss how you can find a job in Canada from Dubai.

How to get a job in Canada from Dubai

There are many ways in which you can find jobs in Canada from Dubai, UAE. work in Canada from UAE is possible if you try these ways.

Extraordinary Talent:

Job in Canada from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman is very easy if you are an extraordinary person who has some unique talent like you invented something new etc. if you have such talent then you will receive many offers from all over the world including Canada to do a job for them.

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How to apply for jobs in Canada from Dubai  -UAE
How to apply for jobs in Canada from Dubai  -UAE

One of the easiest ways of finding a job in Canada while sitting in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is to make a public image. You have seen a lot of people who have a great number of following on Facebook, Instagram etc. people from all over the world approach them to say some words about their business. Such public image people can use its fan following to get a job in Canada. Canada jobs from Dubai is possible if you are a public figure.

Canadian companies in the UAE

Another easy way for job hiring in Canada from Dubai is to find the companies in Dubai whose head office is in Dubai or they operate from Canada. Become an employee of those companies in Dubai. After some time send a request to the employer that you want to move to Canada without losing its job. I have seen 80% such cases where employees from Dubai are transferred to Canada head office. Here is the list of some Canadian companies in Dubai

  • Consult Ltd
  • Crown Relocations LLC
  • 32 Group(L.L.C)
  • Barcode General Trading LLC.
  • Square General Contracting Co LLC
  • Invensys Middle East Fze
  • Innovative Technologies LLC
  • Cansco Dubai LLC
  • Square General Contracting Company – L L C.
  • Intermass Engineering & Contracting
  • MALT Technics L.L.C.

Get hired in Canada through freelancing:

There are many freelancing platforms like Fiverr,, up work, people per hour etc. where Canadian employer outsources their work online. You can also see the profile of the person who is giving you work. Provide the best quality work to Canada based employer and if he likes the work he will start giving you constant work. Once you become his permanent employer online then you can request him to give employment in Canada.

Apply through PR in Canada:

If you can not avail any of the above options then you need to apply for a job through the PR process. Canada express entry system allows you to land in Canada easily through PR. If you have PR in any way, then don’t be late and apply for jobs in Canada from UAE.

when you apply for the job many times, you have to fill the form. A compulsory field in such form is Dubai postal code. Fill all fields after doing research. a complete form will catch the employer’s eye.

Agency in Dubai for Canada jobs:

Another way to work in Canada from Dubai is to find job agencies or recruitment agencies in Dubai who hires a candidate from UAE. There are many agencies who hire candidates from Dubai for Canada offices. These agencies include Michal page or Nadia etc. in this way job in Canada from Dubai can be found. job in Canada from the UAE is usually filled through third-party agencies.
Some of credible Canada agency in Dubai are mentioned below. We don’t take any responsibility for these Canada recruitment agencies in Dubai which is mentioned below. If you want to get Canada jobs consultancy in Dubai then email them for information

List of recruitment agency Canada UAE. you also need to have a look at top gulf jobs sites

  1. DM-Consultants
  2. Pacific Migration
  3. Premiers

How to check Canada job is genuine or not?

If you are looking for Canada jobs in Dubai, then it is possible that you land on a fake job. Canada has a special procedure for a foreign employer. Any company who wants to hire a foreign employer they have to show that the company actually needs such an employer and there is a need for such employer. After showing the need for an employee to government immigration to Canada from UAE is possible.
Canadian labour immigration department verifies such need of labour. After verification the Canadian government issue a document LMIA or Labour Market Impact Assessment.

Canada jobs from UAE can be achieved if you try above-mentioned ways.

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