Reasons That Keep You Unemployed in Dubai

When it comes to Dubai Jobs Market, we must say it’s a huge job market. A lot of opportunities in different job sectors. In the megacity of Dubai, the jobs market is rapidly growing due to upcoming events like the Dubai Expo 2020. There are a lot of jobs of high quality and standard. As per previous survey results, the United Arab Emirates has one of the lowest unemployment rates around the world. We should also not forget a fact that though the jobs market in Dubai is increasing rapidly, considerable competition among job seekers also exists in Dubai. Dubai Job seeker’s mistakes are very unfortunate for anyone. So in a highly competitive job market, even a minor mistake costs you losing the job where you were on top previously.

Visa is another requirement when you like to move abroad. Do study a guide regarding How to Get the Proper Visa for getting a job in Dubai. Did you ever faced a situation when everything was going right to grab a job, but suddenly you were dropped down from top candidates list. Facing a situation where everything finished correctly, but still, you are not getting calls from the recruiters. You may be surprised thinking within yourself what’s wrong with my self

Why am I not getting the Job Call?

What happened with my offer letter?

What was wrong in my interview?

These kinds of questions do come in our minds while not getting the job/response. I have enough job search experience working here in Dubai, so why not I should highlight the most common mistakes of candidates looking to grab a job in Dubai.

Let me give you a head start. Here are some of the possible reasons that may be one of the reasons behind your unemployment:

1) Randomly Applying On Online Jobs

Reasons That Keep You Unemployed in Dubai
Reasons That Keep You Unemployed in Dubai

We have a common notion among us that the more job openings we apply to, the more responses will be getting from the recruiters. This myth is wrong in my understanding. Quantity preference can never give you good results in return. You must prefer quality over quantity. Instead of looking for and applying to random jobs online. It’s better to spend time and energy on the positions that match your education, skills, and experience. This way a more desirable job search will be performed. Moreover, before you start applying for jobs, you might want to see if your skills and experience are good enough to land you a job, and also whether you are sure about what kind of career you want to build. If you’re unsure of any of this, then it could help you to discover more about executive coaching to enhance your skills and make you ideal for the job you want.

Remember, the right strategy is to only look for jobs relevant to your skills, knowledge and qualification. One should also consider other factors during the job search like companies, job role, skill set required and location etc. This way you will get some filters in your job search criteria. You will have a limited job result but you can focus on precisely suitable jobs. Just applying on random posts is a false perception to get the job. Settle your targets, refine the job search and get the right results. An exact approach to follow.

2) Submitting the Same CV Again & Again

You will agree with me that A standard CV can not meet every recruiter’s requirement. We usually see every job has a specific skill set, experience, and qualification requirement. It is not possible with a single unmodified CV to fit on all posts. When you see what the recruiter is looking for in a candidate, you should understand and recognize how you can customize CV accordingly. You just need to follow this simple and straightforward approach.

When you see a job post, only find the keywords in the job description. We understand the recruiters mostly share keywords in job posts. The next step is to make the modifications in your CV accordingly. We are also aware of the fact that most recruiters rely on the ATS System to shortlist the job applications. Now adding the keywords in your CV increases the chances of getting shortlisted and noticed by the recruiters. This seems a perfect approach for applying to jobs instead of a general repetitive Curriculum Vitae. Customize your CV, approach positively, make necessary amendments, and get the results.

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3) Failure to Research About The Company

Job Interview plays a very vital role to get successful for a job. Making your job interview a success story is very important for anyone. You will get excellent output from a job interview when you are well prepared for it. Company knowledge is very vital before going for a job interview. One need to get knowledge about the company’s business, enough knowledge of company’s business plan, what kind of products are offered at the company, no of employees, primary business objective, etc.

When you are prepared and have the knowledge of these things then it’s mostly a successful interview going to happen. This preparation will also put a positive impact during the interview process. It shows that how much a person is interested in the job. Other candidates might have no knowledge about the company so it creates an opportunity for you to be on the top. You will get bonus points when you answer the recruiters.

Studying the Official website of the company is very beneficial to get the most information. Once you have examined the website thoroughly before the interview, you will surely be very confident during the interview. Study social media associations of the concerned company like visiting the Facebook page of the company, following on Twitter, etc. It will open doors for enough information before the interview. You would have a thorough understanding of company tasks and will be quite clear about the interview.

4) Communication Gap About Your Job Search

It’s not enough if you have just applied to the job online. A stable career network building is also very crucial and vital part too. If you are not communicating anyone about your job search then most probably you are lying one step behind your goals. Both online and offline connections are very important for any job search hunt. When you have decided the category of your job search, you must join online groups to connect with people of the same interest.

Once you have built a wider professional network, the job hunting becomes very easy for you to go with. Define your interest area within yourself and join online groups to connect with professionals. Never underestimate anyone. Any contact around you may refer you latest job opening in his / her company in Dubai. So, in short words, just don’t be afraid by sharing the knowledge. The more you communicate about the job, the more you are knowledgeable in this world.

5) No, Follow Up with the Hiring Manager

It’s not all done once you have done the job interview. The candidate should always make it a note to follow up with the hiring manager after the interview. Let me clear you its impact. What happens is when you follow up with hiring manager, it must create his/her attention towards yourself. It will force the Hiring Manager to think that you are really serious and have enough interest in this job. That’s why it’s crucial to do follow up, which can be done in different ways.

Send a ‘Thank You Note’ to show professionalism. You have the opportunity available as you do the interview. There are thousands of job applications for a particular job. The hiring managers are mostly busy in sorting all the applications and data. They may delay getting back to you. So the following-up helps in reminding them about you. It will also create an advantage for you over the other job seekers. The other applicants will be merely waiting for weeks or months, but you take the opportunity and make it successful by following up on the process. Communication plays an essential role in getting a job.

6) Never Get Influenced By Past Failures

Consistent efforts, again and again, makes it possible to get a job in Dubai. There might be a few rejections during your job search journey. Instead of moaning over your past failures, just learn from your mistakes. One of the most common mistakes is moving ahead. You need to avoid this at any cost. It’s not always successful in front of your welcome. We all face a different kind of challenges in life and failures are also part of life. It is also quite possible that you get a job early. But if you are not getting a job quickly, it doesn’t mean that you are not skilled enough. There might be many reasons lying behind like we mentioned Dubai Job Seekers Mistakes.

It becomes essential as a job seeker to deal with it properly without thinking about previous rejections. This was it can not influence your success road. When these things do not affect you, you build a healthy human within yourself. Always be aware of hurdles and mistakes in your job search journey. Analyzing mistakes is an excellent option to progress in stressful situations. Also, getting a cup of coffee is not a bad idea in tense situations.

So at the end of this article, I would like to summarize in a few points that

  • Always spend your efforts in the right direction.
  • Avoid applying to jobs randomly.
  • Learn from the past and avoid Dubai Job seeker’s mistakes.
  • Never give up, continue moving, and show progress.
  • Understand where you need to improve.
  • Analyze your weak and strong points and work on the weaknesses.
  • Always Use customized Curriculum Vitae while applying to different jobs.
  • Do Follow-Up after Job Interview.

I am sure you will be quite confident now after reading this article and finding the Dubai job seekers’ mistakes in one place. Uncover the secrets to communication with females. Let’s be hopeful that you will have a better impact after this read and would recognize your mistakes. I wish you the best of luck in your future to get a successful job in the megacity of Dubai.

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