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Job Description

Our company is looking for an External auditors for Dubai office to review the financial records of organizations that they aren’t employed by—internal auditors, by contrast, perform similar tasks but are paid staff members. Candidates report their findings to concerned parties, such as company shareholders, the government, or the public. People trust them to give accurate, honest reports from an outsider’s perspective rather than having a vested interest in the outcome.

Many work for public accounting firms; others are self-employed. They typically work full-time in an office setting. They sometimes travel to their clients’ places of business to perform work.

Duties and Responsibilities

Review financial statements. They look for errors and discrepancies to make sure bookkeeping is accurate.

Evaluate the measures the organization has put in place to manage financial risk and assess their effectiveness.

Shareholders, investors, the government, and others interested in an organization’s finances depend on the finding of external auditors.


Need superior math skills since they spend so much time dealing with numbers.

Must be accurate, thorough, and detail-oriented in order to do their job properly and inspire client confidence.

Communicating clearly so that results can be understood by both business experts and laypeople

Realizing the nature of the job makes those whose work is being scrutinized uneasy (even if they have nothing to hide)

Committing to professionalism to encourage trust

Problem-solving prowess to figure out why errors may be occurring in the bookkeeping

Working well in teams since a company’s internal (in-house) auditors will often be helping to gather data and other information needed for the investigation

Maintaining a stellar reputation because any unethical or questionable behavior can cost external auditors clients

Sticking with one’s principles despite potential pressure or incentive to ignore or change one’s findings







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